This scene actually works better as stills




Unlike in the era of The Iliad today’s warriors don’t carry swords or scepters to prove their strength or power. Today most wear suits, carry brief cases and lobby for change; today a warrior can be identified as Politician. Just like Agamemnon derives his power, which lies in his scepter,…

I like how you chose an unconventional type of person as your example of a modern warrior; politicians fight in ways that are just as vicious and tough as ancient warriors did. However, even though your example of Agamemnon’s kingly scepter being his source of power is true, I don’t think it relates to being a true warrior. Agamemnon is a king who has men to fight for him and because of this fact, I don’t think he can be considered a true warrior.


this is honestly still the funniest thing i have ever seen

Thunder is the most comforting sound to me

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Rolling thunder not the thunder that cracks and makes me jump out of bed.

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